How To Monetize Your Blog With Clickbank

Like many bloggers, you would not mind making some money from your blogging, even if you initially started your blog as a hobby and you never intended to generate income from blogging. I mean, who would not?

What If I tell you that not only you can make money from your blog, but you can do so passively and relatively headache free with Clickbank.

In this blog post, I am going to explain how you can monetize your blog with Clickbank. I have been using Clickbank to monetize my own blogs and I can tell you that it is by far my preferred way to make money from blogging.

What is Clickbank and how does it work?

Clickbank is a marketplace which connects creators of mainly digital products (ebooks, videos, courses) with affiliate marketers.

The creators of digital products are looking for people to promote their products and affiliate marketers are looking for other people’s products to promote in order to make commissions per sales generated.

As a newbie blogger, you have probably not created any digital product yet (and maybe you never will) so you are more likely to be interested in becoming an affiliate marketer.

And why would you want to do that?

Because you can use your blog posts (that you were going to write anyway) to promote these digital products and get paid every time someone buys a product through your marketing effort.

And why clickbank?

Because Clickbank is an established affiliate network which has been around for years ( since 1998) and is loaded with high quality products and pays high commissions compared to other affiliate network.

You will soon realize that selling other people’s products can be very lucrative. Clickbank also has a wide range of products, covering many niches, so you will be able to pick and choose among many products which one to promote.

you will need to create an account on if you don’t have one yet, and as far as today, it’s totally free.

How to monetize my blog?

1. Reviews

A lot of people nowadays won’t buy products online before checking a few reviews.

So you can write reviews of the products that you want to promote to help potential customers make up their minds and you can include an affiliate link of the product at the end of your review article.

The good thing about reviews is that they attract people in the buyer mindset. These are people who need the product and are ready to buy and just looking for last checks before they do.

Also, in most cases, you don’t need to buy the product yourself in order to write an honest review. You can simply reach out to the product creator and request a copy of it for the purpose of writing a review. From experience, all products creators on Clickbank that I reached out to gladly provided a free copy of their product. They also tend to provide a lot of resources in their affiliate dedicated page like copyright free articles, emails swipes, banner ads and even free pdfs and ebooks sometimes.

2. Banner ads

Another way to place your affiliate links is by adding your affiliate links to banner ads and placing it on your blog posts. Many areas where you can do that: sidebars, before or after the content or within the content.

3. Core content

You can also blend in the affiliate link with the core content by adding your link to a headline between paragraphs or at the end of your blog post.

The headline can be a question related to the product you want to promote or can look like a blog post title.

4. Building your email list

Building an email list is very important when it comes to making money blogging. You can turn every single visitor to your blog into a potential costumer if you manage to collect their email addresses.

When you do not collect emails, visitors are unlikely to come back to your blog and will probably forget about you but if you do collect emails, you can then establish a relationship with readers and then promote products and services to them.

You can collect emails by asking readers to subscribe to the newsletter and offering them a freebie as an incentive to subscribe like a free report or ebook. Make sure to get their consent to receive emails and offers from you.

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