27 Online Side hustles

If you are looking for online side hustle ideas to make extra money monthly, you are in the right place.

Having a side hustle has never been easier thanks to the easy access to internet.

Anyone can literally start an online side hustle overnight with a laptop or a mobile phone and an internet connection (and a little motivation too).

As I am writing these lines, it seems to be the perfect time to consider starting a side hustle as we are most likely heading to the next recession and making some extra cash won’t do you any harm.

Here are 27 online side hustles ideas you can start immediately:

Social Media Side hustles

1. Social Media ad agency: If you know how to create/run ads on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Pinterest, you can turn it into your side hustle and run ads for other businesses. There is a huge demand for this skill because most of businesses don’t have the time nor the resources to learn it themselves or hire a full time person. They would rather hire an ad agency that could consist of only you and your laptop.

2. Social Media influencer: A lot of people don’t realize that they can make money from their social media accounts. Social media has even created a lot of millionaire nobodies ( those who do this full time). You can monetize your social media account and become an influencer in so many ways: you can promote products as an affiliate, you can sell access to your audience through Instagram Shoutouts or sponsorships.

3. Youtuber: Becoming a Youtuber is a legit side hustle when you know how much money Youtubers are making. This is an ideal side hustle for someone who is comfortable with the idea of showing his face but it does not have to be the case as a lot of Youtubers choose not to show their face but instead images and Laptop screen. Most of the money is made through advertising and affiliate marketing, Check out my blog post on Youtube to have a better idea of potential income from Youtube.

4. Social Media account manager: Instead of becoming yourself a Youtube or Instagram star yourself, you can manage other people’s social media accounts and get paid for it. The job consist of doing all things related to social media accounts. different things to do with social media you schedule posts, you reply to , these people don’t have the time to do it themselves when they grow enough, and that’s when they need a social media account manager, one of the most popular one is Pinterest,

Freelancer Side hustles

Becoming a freelancer is the easiest way to monetize a skill that you already have developed through your full time job or your hobby. All you need to do is create your profile on a freelancing website like upwork, fiverr and describe your offer, put a price tag to it and you are good to go. Below are some of the most popular examples of freelancing jobs.

5. Translator: This is ideal for someone who speaks many languages to monetize this skill.

6. Copywriter: Copyrighting is the process of re arranging words and text to make promotional material sell better. This is a high income skill and in high demand. The very inspiring Dan Lok started his career as a copyright freelancer and now he is teaching it among other things.

7. Editor

8. Video editor

9. Graphic designer

10. Transcriber on rev.com

11. Virtual assistant

Other side hustles

12. Amazon remote worker

13. Chatbot support

14. Online teacher: Getting Online courses is becoming very popular. People are looking for convenience to learn at their own pace and are willing to If english is your first language, you can easily teach english online. There are other courses you can teach.

15. Online surveys: This side hustle won’t make you rich but it is a legit side hustle that pays money. Check out this blog post for the full list

16. Blogging: Blogging is another legit side hustle that can make you serious money over the long run. it is very easy to start a blog and you can blog around your hobby, or about something you are willing to learn about

17. Sell your own course on Skillshare, or udemy, or even on your own blog.

18. Write ebooks: If you have knowledge on a specific topic, you can write ebooks and sell them on Amazon or Clickbank. You don’t need to be an expert to write an ebook, as long as you can put your ideas together in a structured manner.

19. Coach / Consultant

20. Affiliate marketer

21. Flipping products online

22. Watch videos online: Did you know that you can get paid watching videos? Some websites like Swagbucks do offer to pay money if you watch their videos. They are different video categories so you can always find something you are interesting in and get paid watching it.

23. Buy and sell domain names: You can buy domain names from popular websites like Godaddy and sell them for a premium on justdropped.com

24. Sell stock images: If you like to take beautiful images, you can turn it into your side hustle and sell your stock images to websites such as …..

E-commerce side hustles

25. Dropshipping

26. Amazon FBA

27. Sell products on Amazon, Etsy, ebay: You can create jewelry, candles, clothing, decorations.

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