So you heard that many Youtubers are making money from their Youtube Channels, but how much money are we talking?

Well, I wanted to find out myself so I figured I would get the info from these youtubers themselves, what better way is there really?

So I went to Youtube and I searched videos where these Youtubers talk about their income and here is what I found

How much does a 1 million views video make?

1 million views for one video is a huge number, but a lot of these youtubers use it as a benchmark to report their Youtube income, so it must be not that uncommon.

As you will see shortly, 1 million views video can earn very different amounts:

Vanessa Lau, who’s makes business related videos among other things,  reports that one of her 1 million views videos made her $3736,18.

Graham Stephan, who talks about Real estate, Personal Finance, and Money topics in general, had his 1.2 million views video made him $7293,02 , almost double what Vanessa Lau made from her video.

Kevin David is an interesting case because he had a number of videos of over 1 million views and they all generated very different amount and he also reported the highest revenue per 1 million views among all Youtubers I came across. He has a video that made $43905,77 for 1 million views, another one which made $ 49555,04 for 1.8 million , and two other videos or 1.5 and 1.7 millions views which made respectively $17996,13 and $19 975,74 .

He says average from $1000 to $3000 k for 1 million views.

Shelby Church , who defines herself as a Tech and Lifestyle Youtuber reported making $2000 for 1.3 million views video, and earning a much higher revenue from from a video she made about CEO of Scentbird, that made her $3015,51 for 371,1 thousand views, which would mean $8125,86 for 1 million views.

So based on these findings I think I can safely say that making $1000 for a 1 million views seems to be the worst case scenario, and that Youtubers are making more like $2000 to $3000 on average from ads placed on these type of videos.

How much do Youtubers make per month?

I found very few Youtubers talking about a monthly income from Youtube, most of them seem to talk about income with respect to number of views over time, so I think we can only talk about an average monthly income based on one year revenue because Youtube revenue seems to fluctuate a lot over the course of a year.

That being said, Vanessa Lau said she that over the course of 4 months,she made a total of $8000, which means she was averaging a $2000 a month, with a total watch time of 9.8 millions.

Kelly does her thing, reported that with a 9.5 m lifetime watch ( since she started her channel) she made a total of $18,625.29 from January 2018 to June 2019 , so roughly 1000 $ a month on average. 

How does ad revenue work on Youtube?

Now that we know that Youtubers can earn quiet different amounts of money for similar number of views, let’s look into how  the Youtube advertising revenue system works to understand where the income discrepancies are from.

So advertising revenue from Youtube depends on a number of factors that can be broken down as follow:

The number of views

Obviously, which depends on the number of subscribers the Youtube channel has but also on how much the Youtube algorithm likes the Youtube channel and the video , because Youtube algorithm can push videos that they consider worth pushing to audience outside of your subscribers if they think it is relevant to it. Usually the video has to be family friendly so no cursing, no racism and that kind of thing.

The length of the video

According to these Youtubers, Videos that are less than 10 min long can only have on advertising placed on them, but if the video is 10 min or longer, then Youtube allow to add multiple ads to a video, which makes sense because they don’t want spammy short videos with a lot of advertising every 30 seconds.


Youtube income depends on a metric called CPM or cost per mile. This is the amount of money advertisers are willing to pay per thousands impressions of there ads, and for an impression to qualify, the viewer needs to watch at least 30 seconds of the ad.

So what affects this metric:

Well a bunch of things

1. Location of the viewers: Advertisers are willing to pay higher rates to audiences in specific countries. So if the majority of your viewers is based in the US for example, it can be monetized at a higher rate than an audience based somewhere else, simply because advertisers in the US seem to be willing to pay more for their ads to be shown.

2. The topic of your videos: Advertisers will also be willing to pay more to have their ads shown to the right audience. So a Channel with videos on business related topics, insurance and marketing for example will attract companies that have something to sell to an audience who shows an interest in these topics. and these companies will usually have serious advertising budgets.

3. Other demographics such as the age of the viewers: Older viewers tend to click on ads and buy more things due to a higher purchasing power.

4. Watch time: This is a metric that indicates to Youtube the level of engagement of the audience and advertisers are willing to pay more for a higher engaged audience.

All of this gets me to one conclusion, that Youtube income is on a case by case basis and there is no need to have millions of views and thousands of subscribers to earn a nice income from Youtube if you target the right audience with the good demographics.

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