Are you looking to add beautiful photos and images to your blog posts for free?

Having photos and images on your blog posts will help them look more appealing and reach a wider audience on social media platforms. They are even essential to visual social media platforms such as Pinterest.

Of course you can take your own pictures or go and buy photos and images on the web, but if you have a budget constraint, you are probably looking for free options.

Luckily, there are many websites where you can find beautiful free images for your blog which I am going to list on this post.


Before we get to the list of websites where you can find free photos and images for your blog, let me first be clear on what I mean by free images.

A free image is an image that requires neither paying a licence for its use (also called use free) nor a royalty. The image or photo can have a copyright or be copyright free (although most of the ones I come across are copyrighted, unless they enter public domain).

So I am talking about either a:

  • Public domain photo (copyright free), use free, royalty free.
  • Copyrighted photos but use free and royalty free.

In this blog post, I am going to focus mainly on the second category of photos as I mainly come across copyrighted photos.

The good news is most of these websites are able to offer access to copyrighted, use free and royalty free photos under the creative commons (CC) License.

These are photos and images for which the author wants to give others ( us users) some of his copyrights, which most of the time include the rights to share, use and and even build upon, all of this for free.

And so the creative commons (CC) license gives them the perfect framework to do exactly that.

Under this license, most of these websites won’t even require giving credit to the author.

This is a very important aspect of using photos and images for your blog because you want to make sure to comply with copyright laws when using other people’s work so that you avoid putting your blog in trouble.

In my experience, copyrighted, use free and royalty free images under the creative commons license are one of the most worry-free images you can find on the internet as you can simply download the image from the website and upload it to your blog.

You are often allowed to create other photos upon it (very important if you are promoting your blog on Pinterest and need to create pinnable images) and you are most of the time not required to give credit to the author ( not that you don’t want to give credit to the creators but at least you won’t get into trouble if you forget or do not want to).

Of course you want to check the specific terms of each creative commons license when signing up for one of these websites, as they may vary from one website to the other and even within the same website.


1. Pixabay

2. Pexels

3. Depositphotos

4. Unsplash

5. Flickr

6. Picjumbo

7. Pikwizard

8. Rawpixel

9. Gratisography

10. Morguefile

11. Stockvault

12. Reshot

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