6 reasons to start a money making blog

Are you thinking of starting a blog but you don’t know if it is still a good idea in 2019?

I started blogging in December 2018 knowing absolutely nothing about blogging and I can tell you that I do not regret it at all.

I am very passionate about the topic and I am going to share with you my 7 reasons I believe you should absolutely start a blog in 2020.

1. You can make good money passively

Making money blogging is not an urban legend (and I am proof of that).

A lot of bloggers out there are able to make extra money every month; Others are making a full time income and even a fortune from blogging (for those who went all in and have turned their blogging passion into their full time job).

Now, there are two types of incomes that you can make from blogging, a passive and an active income and I can guarantee you that you can make good money passively from blogging.

My preferred passive ways to make money blogging are placing ads and affiliate links on my blog posts.

It is a passive because it does not require any extra work to push things further once you have written your blog posts and attracted readers to them; The rest takes care of itself.

So you can absolutely turn blogging into your side hustle (while keeping your full time job) and make a few extra bucks a month.

It does not come immediately after you write your first post and you will have to learn how to be patient (It took about 1 month to get the first income from ads and about 2 months after I placed affiliate links to get the first commission) but it sure does. Another thing is that your income will have to reach a threshold before you can receive it ( usually around 100 $). If you never reach the threshold, your income is not paid.

2. You can make big money if you blog full time

Yes, blogging can make you big money if you do it full time, and proof of that is the increasing number of 6 figure bloggers and millionaire bloggers like Alex & Lauren from Create&Go or Michelle from Making sense of cents whose blog is generating over $100/k a month.

It certainly takes hard work and dedication before one can take their blog to this level but it is a Real thing.

3. If you have something of value to say

If you find yourself having so much to say about a topic you are passionate about or you have extensive knowledge of and no one to share it with, then you definitely should start a blog. 

A blog will give you access to an audience who is thirsty of knowledge about your specific area of expertise and is looking for people exactly like you to get information from.

There is so much junk content on the web that your valuable expertise will be very much appreciated.

3. It is low risk high potential reward

From a business perspective, starting a blog to make money online is a very low risk endeavor and potential high reward for the reasons I listed above.

That is because blogging requires very low initial investment: You only need a domain registration (I do not recommend free blog domains for business) and hosting, which cost as little as $2.95 with Bluehost ( as I am writing this blog post) and you are good to go!!! talk about low investment. People will come to your site and read your posts, if they don’t like it they will simply leave and you have no obligations towards them.

A more traditional business will require a bigger upfront investment and you will have far more things to think about like finding the right suppliers and developing a relationship with them, managing inventory, leasing your premises, subscribing to the right insurance. The simple fact of writing these lines is giving me anxiety…

Blogging requires none of these things, just your laptop, an internet connection and your brain to write good content.

4. You can attract new customers to your existing products or services

Blogging can be a great way to attract new customers to your business who would not hear about you otherwise.

Blogging will first help you get found via Search engines and save money from advertising your business.

You can also use blogging to educate potential customers on questions closely related to your products and services and help you get seen as a trusted player or even an authority in the subject. These people will be more likely to purchase from you as you have already build a reputation and a relationship with them.

5. You will learn so much

Many people think that blogging is easy (I thought that too before I started blogging myself). After all, what does a blog do if not just writing a blog posts here and there, right?

Blogging goes far beyond writing few blog posts when you take it seriously. It is a real challenge…but that is precisely why it is good.

On a personal level, it will teach you a lot about yourself and your ability to dig deep into yourself for inspiration when you run out of it, to find motivation when you don’t feel like doing it, to be disciplined to post regularly and to be patient to see the fruit of your labor.

It will also force you to become a better writer and a better marketer.

On a business level, you will get to see different aspects of doing business and you will get to wear different hats like maintaining your website, developing business relationships with other businesses to promote their products as an affiliate and or promoting your products on your website.

All of this happens organically as you advance in your blogging journey. 

There are very few jobs out there that offer the same type of exposure.

6. Connect with likeminded people

I don’t know about you but I never found it easy to meet like minded people just randomly with whom I share a lot of common interest, but since I started blogging, I see like minded people everywhere be it other bloggers or from my audience.

When you start a blog, you can’t help but building a community around it. People will come to you with their questions as they will see you as the expert, want to share their experience through comments and will start interacting with one another through your blog.

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